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Thursday, 30 August 2007

All Pet Chat is a place for pet owners to obtain useful information, meet other people that love their pets and participate in a variety of fun, interactive online activities.  


Our Forum contains:

  • Pet Forum - General chat, jokes, pet specific forums and more.  Choose your own avatar from the avatar gallery or upload your own.  Over 200 emoticons/smilies.  Earn virtual dollars for posts. 

  • Photo Album  - Upload photos from your computer.  Comment on and rate photos.  Plus many other features.  

  • Games - A wide variety of online games (currently 180 different games).   New games added regularly.  Virtual dollars are awarded for highscores.

  • Rabbitoshi - virtual pet game - Use virtual dollars to purchase a pet, feed, clean, take your pet to the vet, put your pet in the motel etc.  A large selection of pets available.

  • Bank - Deposit your virtual dollars in the All Pet Chat Bank.

  • Advanced Dungeons and Rabbits - Role playing game where you can create a character, battle against other members and heaps of other fun things.



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